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11/07/2021 · Bob Franke: Focal Pointe Observatory: Pat Freeman: Gallery of Astrophotographs: Alan Friedman: Averted Imagination – High resolution solar system imaging: Michael Fulbright: Imaging with GSO 200mm f/4 reflector and TEC 140 APO refractor: Helwig Fülling: German Astrophotographer

CCDBand-Aid & PixInsight Narrowband Images

CCDBand-Aid & PixInsight Narrowband Images By Bob Franke ( PixInsight is developed and maintained By Pleiades Astrophoto S.L CCDOPS is developed …


Copyright © 2012-19, Bob Franke Page 2 of 30 1. Introduction CCDBand-Aid (CBA) is a program for removing the vertical bar pattern from images …

Buckeyestargazer Astrophotography

12. Flatten the image. Duplicate the base layer and adjust the color scheme to your liking. I generally start with the “Gold/Turquois” color scheme as described by Bob Franke, and then make custom adjustments to the color from there: 13.

eXcalibrator User Documentation

5. Click the “Calibrate Image” button to generate initial calibration factors. 6. Enter the calibration values into your favorite image-processing program to create the color image. Details of Program Workflow i) Save Your Images • Save your registered R, G, B images and a WCS or Sum file in either a …

NGC5395 – Astral Imaging

This image is a bit weak in data at this point but will have to wait until later for additional data to be added. As of now this image consists of 16 luminance images – 15 minutes each all taken at -20°C at bin 1×1. The RGB data consists of 4 – 15 minute red, 5 – 15 minute green, and 7 – 15 minute blue images, all at -20 and binned 1×1.

First NarrowBand Image — The Astro Geeks …

04/12/2012 · Combined with the HA and OIII from last month I was able to try my hand at processing my first Hubble Pallet image. With some help from Bob Franke’s helpful page on color processing for narrow band images I was able to get close to a decent result. View fullsize. Heart Nubula in Narrow Band.

Horsehead nebula in Narrowband – Page 3 – Imaging – Deep …

12/11/2019 · But I don’t think I’m likely to get anywhere near the beauty of your image! Thanks Gina – Regarding the colour palette, I just didn’t take the green out like normal using the Bob Franke method. 1

LDN673 – Astral Imaging

This image consists of 72 luminance images 15 minutes each all taken at -20°C at bin 1×1. The RGB data consists of 27 – 15 minute red, 27 – 15 minute green, and 27 – 15 minute blue images, all at -20 and binned 1×1. All images used so far totals 88-1/4 hours. All data …

Bob Franke CCD BandAid – AstroBin

AstroBin is an image hosting website specifically targeted to astrophotographers: it’s the first and the last place where you need to upload your astrophotography images. … CCD BandAid by Bob Franke. Some images (view more) Abell 33 Sh2-290 The Diamond Ring in Hydra Terry Danks The Cone Nebula in Monoceros – NGC2264 Terry Danks …


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