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Bachelor of Science in Microbiology | Brac University

MNS Department started the undergraduate program of BS in Microbiology (136 credits) in Summer 2010. Microbiology, an integral part of molecular biology is emerging as a key biological science involving the study of cellular information. The mission of the undergraduate program in microbiology is to prepare the students for employment in their chosen areas and to provide them

Microbiology | Brac University

about Isolation of Cellulolytic Bacteria from Soil, Identification by 16S rRNA Gene Sequencing and Characterization of Cellulase.

Curriculum | Brac University

Out of these 21 credits is on general education, which is compulsory as per requirement of the BRAC University. The departmental core courses account for 76 credits including departmental core courses (63 credits) practical (6 credits), Microbiology internship (3 credits) and thesis /project (4 credits).

Bachelor of Science in Microbiology | Brac University

BRAC University provides quality education in Bangladesh to Undergraduate, Post-graduate and Research students. Bachelor of Science in Microbiology | Brac University Skip to main content

Course Details | Brac University

The supervisor may be a faculty member of the BRAC University or any other suitable expert from other universities, R&D organizations, private food and industrial microbiology enterprises. On completion of the thesis work he/she will have to submit a dissertation and face a viva board for the defence.

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Thesis (Bachelor of Science in Microbiology) – BRAC University

Khurshid, Sarah (Brac University, 2018-12) Guillain-Barre syndrome (GBS) is an autoimmune disorder in which the body’s immune system attacks part of the peripheral nervous system with a greater variable clinical progression, severity, and outcome.

Microbiology | Brac University

University Information Technology. BRACU Mobile; G Suite; IT Workforce; Conferences. 8th National Undergraduate Mathematics Olympiad- 2016; ICBM 2017. Inauguration of ICBM 2017; Keynote Session; Industry Talk Day 1; Parallel Session Day 1; Industry Talk Day 2; Academia-Industry Discussion; Meet the Journal Editors; Parallel Session Day 2

Departments | Brac University

The department undertakes research programs in different areas. It has done so in association with the Research and Education division of BRAC, the British Council, the University of Manchester, Loughborough University, Hoge School Van Amsterdam etc.

Faculty of Natural Science | BRAC University

Department of Mathematics and Natural Science. Degree offered: B.Sc in Biotechnology. B.Sc in Microbiology. BS in Mathematics /4 Years. BS in Mathematics and Computer Science. BSc in Applied Physics & Electronics. BSc in Physics. Introducation of MAT 103.


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