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Demonstrative Pronouns; Comparatives and Superlatives. Comparatives – Basics; Comparisons of Equality; Comparisons of Inequality; Comparisons of Quantity; Superlatives; Object Pronouns. ; Indirect ; Double ; Relative / Adjectives. Relative – [QUE] Relative – [QUIEN]

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This inductive animated PowerPoint will have your students engaged and figuring out the grammatical rule behind Spanish direct object pronouns (lo and la) by the end by the presentation. Even young speakers can pick up the language pattern from the simple examples and Spanish/English cognates used.

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Kahoot! is a free game-based learning platform that makes it fun to learn – any subject, in any language, on any device, for all ages! Double object pronouns Ejercicios con pronombres directos e indirectos #spanishintermediatelevel

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A direct object pronoun (un pronombre de objeto directo) replaces a direct object, which is a noun that directly receives the action of a verb in a sentence. Just like subject pronouns replace the in a sentence, replace the noun in a sentence, which can be a person, thing, noun phrase, or nominalized clause.

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When the pronoun replaces the name of the direct object, use the following pronouns: me. me. te. you-familiar. lo, la. him, her, it, you-formal. nos. us. os. you-all-familiar. los, las. them,…

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Play this game to review Spanish. Choose the correct way to rewrite this sentence replacing the direct object with a direct object pronoun. Ella hace una maleta.

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Spanish Sentence Quiz: Direct object pronouns 1. 1. Enrique viene a comer pizza al restaurante. Enrique viene a comerla al restaurante. 2. Ellos quieren vender los boletos a los turistas. Ellos quieren venderlos a los turistas. 3. Luis viene a conocer a Guatemala la cultura.

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La . You (familiar) understand the lesson. (comprender) La . I love her. (amar) La . She believes it. (creer) Lo . Answer the following questions. The answer will substitute a …

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-Place the D.O.P. correctly in the sentence -Choose the correct direct object pronoun (D.O.P.) -Identify the direct object in a sentence el libro la manzana las papas fritas los lápices las papas fritas los lápices el libro la manzana Fill in the appropriate el libro la manzana las papas fritas los lápices las los la lo las papas fritas de MacDonalds los lápices el libro la …

Spanish direct and indirect object pronouns Quiz – Quizizz

Question 5. SURVEY. 45 seconds. Q. Choose the correct translation for the following sentences. Remember: In Spanish, if there is an indirect object in a sentence you must also include the . She gives me the shirt. answer choices. Ella da la camisa a mí.


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