Discord Screen Share No Audio

Discord Screen Share No Audio. Discord might not convey the sound of some applications and video games. Discord uses the cache and roaming data options to save your user preferences and keep temporary data.

[Solved] Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working 2021
[Solved] Discord Screen Share Audio Not Working 2021 from www.drivereasy.com

When you can't share your audio with discord's screen share functionality, the first thing to try is opening discord as a local administrator. Me and my girlfriend likes to watch videos over discord screen share, but when she tries to share a video from youtube or another site, there will be no sound from the screen share. Our team is aware of the problem with screen sharing audio from the google chrome app.

Of Course, If You Feel Like Sharing Video, Audio, Or Text On Discord, You Are In Much Need To Add The Program To The Discord.

Make sure your volume is an appropriate level. The sound works for me but not for her, it. How to fix discord screen share no audio.

This Means You Can Stream Games.

You can do so by following these steps: How to fix screen share audio not working on discord? One of the most common causes of the discord no audio problem during screen sharing is the missing or outdated audio driver.you can update your device drivers manually, if you’re happy to do them one at a time.

If The Main Application Shared On The Screen Is In Fullscreen Mode, The Sound Won't Work.

There are times, however, when its unrelated to that and you just need to open the discord application administrator privileges. In this way, you can share video or audio with your friends as you wish. Close discord completely by right clicking discord icon in system tray and clicking ‘exit discord’.

If You Made Some Changes To Your Voice Settings Improperly, Then It May Result In No Audio When Screen Sharing On Discord.

The discord screen share no audio error can be really annoying to deal with. No audio issues might also occur as a result of defective drivers. Readjusting the voice settings on discord

If There’s Still No Audio When You’re Sharing The Screen, Try The Next Fix.

Here's what you need to do:. The most likely culprit to why there is no sound when you share your screen on discord on your windows pc, is a corrupted discord cache and temporary files cache. If your computer possesses flawed audio drivers or the audio drivers not compatible with discord, you will probably face the discord screen share no audio issue.

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