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30/12/2019 · Now an Emmy-award winning journalist, Pretto is one of the most recognizable Honduran-Americans today. Carlos Pavón. Like many other countries around the world, football (soccer) is the most popular sport in Honduras. Carlos Pavón is a talented football player who is well-known for being the country’s top-scorer.

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This is a list of Honduran people:
• Óscar Acosta
• Salvador Aguirre (Honduras)
• Juan José Alvarado

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There have been several famous people from Honduras who have etched their names in history. Let’s find out who they are! José Cecilio del Valle (1780 – 1834) Philosopher, Politician, Lawyer, and Journalist

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12/09/2011 · Los Reyes is celebrated by the Hondurans during the Christmas Season. This day is set aside to honor the Three Kings that went to visit the baby Jesus in Bethlehem. Why is Black Bean Soup …

What is a famous food in Honduras? | – From Hunger To Hope


05/11/2021 · What are some of the most popular foods in Honduras? 22 delicacies from Honduras to savor. Carne Asada is a traditional Honduran dish. Simplyrecipes.Com. Baleadas is a classic Spanish dish. Whats4eats.Com. Another tortilla dish is the enchilada. Pastelitos de Carne (Meat Pies) is a popular meat pie. Honduran Taco – A delectable treat.

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23/07/2015 · Aline Flores is #10 on the List. of Central America’s Most Influential Women. Forbes recognizes Flores as a Honduran entrepreneur, “for 25 years, Aline has held various management positions in the Flores Corporation, a leader in the automotive industry in …

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12/09/2011 · Are there famous hondurans. Wiki User. ∙ 2011-09-12 15:10:08. Study now. See Answer. Best Answer. Copy. Yes there are! Rocsi from 106 & park is …

Meet Honduras’ most famous painter: Miguel Ángel Ruiz …


27/03/2015 · Hondurans embrace art and celebrate their artists. The country has produced many influential painters. Chief among them is Miguel Ángel Ruiz Matute, an …

10 Things to Watch in Honduras’ 2021 Election | AS/COA


23/11/2021 · Rounding out a month of Latin American elections, Hondurans will head to the polls on November 28 to pick a new president, legislators, and scores of local officials.The National Party, which has been in power for the past 12 years, will attempt to extend its control with candidate Nasry “Tito” Asfura, the mayor of Tegucigalpa.However, Xiomara Castro, a former first lady and the nominee of …

Xiomara Castro to become first female Honduran president …


01/12/2021 · Asfura’s recognition of the outcome was a relief to many Hondurans who had feared a contested election after a debacle in 2017 led to street protests that left 23 people dead.


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