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Spanish Grammar Kahoot Index : The LEAF Project


Adjectives. Adjectives – Basics; Adjective Agreement; Adjective Placement; Possessive Adjectives; Verbs. Personal Pronouns; Verb Conjugation – Basics; Irregular Verbs. Irregular Verbs – Basics; First-Person Irregular Verbs; Stem-Changing Verbs – [E-IE] Stem-Changing Verbs – [E-I] Stem-Changing Verbs – [O-UE] Sentence Structure. Asking Questions – Yes/No



Possessive Pronouns kahoots. Possessive Adjectives (+pronouns) kahoots. THIS/THESE–THAT/THOSE + CLOTHES. Demonstrative Adjectives kahoots. Demonstrative Adjectives & Clothing/Ropa. CLOTHES . … Family Members (preguntas y traducción) More … PAST SIMPLE (acciones ya pasadas)

Kahoot Challenge: Possessive adjectives


Kahoot Challenge: Possessive adjectives.

8th Honors Spanish I – J. Owen: Kahoot: Adjectives …


Kahoot: Adjectives practice (agreement and placement) Click https://play.kahoot.it/#/?quizId=7f2ca4a2-b8c7-4b1f-b27a-da84925eb974 link to open resource.

Spanish Archives – Kahoot!


Kahoot! at School. How it works; Kahoot! EDU; Ways to play; Distance learning; Assessment; Interactive lessons; Higher education; Math Labs; Whiteboard.fi; Learning apps; Available plans; ! at Work. Product; Solutions; Plans & pricing; Customer stories; Resources; ! at Home. !+ ! Kids; Language Drops; Study at home; Available plans; ! app; …

Spanish Possessive Adjectives – ProProfs Quiz


02/04/2015 · Spanish Possessive Adjectives. A quiz on possessive adjectives. 1. The boy has his books. El chico tene su libros. El chico tiene sus libros. 2. The girls see their friends at the movies.Las chicas ven ______ amigas al cine. 3.

Possessive Adjectives: Quiz #1 – StudySpanish.com


Free quiz to test yourself on the use of the possessive adjectives in Spanish, choosing the correct translation to given phrases.

Possessive Adjectives in Spanish Practice Quiz | SpanishDict


Learn about possessive adjectives in Spanish with fun practice quizzes.


Possessive Adjectives and Possessive Pronouns Quiz – Quizizz


To play this quiz, please finish editing it. 20 Questions Show answers. Question 1. SURVEY. 30 seconds. Report an issue. Q. What kind of possessive is mine? answer choices.


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