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Majors. These programs give you hands-on experience and channel your energy into a skillset that churns out press releases for breakfast, dominates social media before lunch and imagines taglines with every snack break. We’re going to put you to work writing, strategizing, and asking the tough questions.

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At Marshall, an undergraduate degree program may offer more than one major, and it typically takes four years or 120 credit hours to complete a degree. A major is a field of study that requires at least 24 credit hours for completion. A major can be offered within one department or a combination of departments.

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World History, Minor. Four-Year Programs Offered at Marshall University. A program is a unified series of courses or learning experiences that lead to a degree. A major is a program of study requiring at least 24 semester credits for completion. It is offered within one department or by a combination of departments.

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Majors, Minors & More allows students to find out about all majors offered by Marshall University. Representatives from various academic departments will be on hand to discuss the requirements and opportunities of their areas. Students who want to declare or change their majors will have the opportunity to do so.

Marshall University Majors Offered

Majors offered at Marshall University are classified by the U.S. Department of Education under the following instructional programs: Show All. Associates. …

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Communication Studies, M.A. Computer and Information Security, B.S. Computer and Information Security. Computer and Information Technology, B.S. Computer and Web Application Development, …

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23 rows · Marshall University offers 57 distinct undergraduate degrees, concentrated into 49 majors …

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Discover the majors and programs offered by Marshall University and the types of degrees awarded. Health Professions. Humanities. Protective Services. Science, Technology, and Math. Trades and Personal Services.

Undergraduate Majors Offered at Marshall University

Undergraduate Majors at Marshall University. The most popular undergraduate major at Marshall University is General Studies followed by Registered Nursing/Registered Nurse and Biology/Biological Sciences. A list of all 50 available majors and annual graduates is presented below. Also of interest, median earnings for Marshall University graduates by …

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Marshall University Lewis College of Business 107 Corbly Hall 304-696-2314 [email protected]


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