Setup And Use Miracast On Windows 10

Setup And Use Miracast On Windows 10. To add miracast wireless display to windows 10 and install connect app, open the settings app. On the right, click on the link optional features.

Setup & use Miracast on Windows 10 [HOW TO]
Setup & use Miracast on Windows 10 [HOW TO] from

Before casting your pc’s screen onto an external display ensure that both devices are running on the same wifi network. In the devices screen, under bluetooth & other devices, look for your device under the audio or other devices listings. The actual process of setting up and using miracast is fairly simple.

On The Right, Click On The Link Optional Features.

Here’s how to mirror another screen or project to your pc: Click on the display device to connect. Starting with windows 10 version 2004, the connect app for wireless projection using miracast is no longer installed by default, but is available as an optional feature.

Click On The Button Add A Feature At The Top Of The Next Page.

To use miracast, you need both devices to support it. You’ll need to make sure the toggle is enabled. Miracast over infrastructure mode is disabled by default.

In This Video We'll Show You How To Setup Miracast For Windows 10!

Then wait for the displays to appear in the list. For windows users, you must have windows 8.1 or windows 10. A typical use case is that a user can connect his/her smartphone to a tv and display photos, videos, and documents on tv.

Find The Wireless Display Optional Feature You Need To Install In The List Under Add A Feature.

Windows 10 has a stock connect app that you can use to make the connection or you can go through the settings app. This tutorial will show you how to install or uninstall the wireless display optional feature in windows 10 for projecting to this pc by devices with miracast connect app. Devices that come with windows 10 have miracast;

In The Window On The Left Side There Is A Line Of Connected Devices, And On The Right Is A Button For Adding New Equipment, Which You Need To Click On.

Windows 10 natively supports miracast i.e., if you’re running the latest version of windows 10, the feature is present on the os. Usually, most windows pcs and android devices already support miracast. Open settings app then click on devices and click on add bluetooth or other devices.

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