Spanish Greetings Kahoot

Spanish Greetings Kahoot. Spanish has equivalents for “cool” and they vary among countries. 15 a) who is it worksheet pg.

I made a new kahoot on GetKahoot called Spanish
I made a new kahoot on GetKahoot called Spanish from

Is to help build cultural knowledge and context for language learners. They call it basta, but it has lots of names: Choose from 7 study modes and games to study greetings in spanish.

I Use Kahoot In Mexico City (Spanish), I Would Like To Able To Edit The English Name To Put It In Spanish.

Kahoot review spanish unit 1 and 2 greetings, colors, numbers, food, time, i like, i don't like. Links to videos about greetings in spanish: Japanese greetings from genki textbook.

I Created A True/False Guessing Game Kahoot For A Group Of 4Th Grade Students, About The History Of Our Location.

To play this traditional children’s game in spanish, everyone makes a game board with categories. Trinity university digital commons @ trinity understanding by design: We put together a kahoot!

Flexible And Convenient, The Quiz Works On Any Device.

The quiz is completely free! Worksheet 1 [ pdf | word.docx] review worksheet. Here are some of the most basic spanish greetings to get you started.

Greetings Graphic Organizer [ Pdf | Word.docx]

17, copyright 2010, images by key As for the second one, students must match each greeting or questions with the best reply possible and then compare with a partner. Series for you to see what you know and learn the basics of the japanese language.

For The First One, Students Must Read The Greetings And Farewells In Spanish In The Yellow Box On The Left And Fill In The Chart On The Right Depending On Whether These Phrases Are Formal Or Informal.

See all 3 sets in this study guide. 12 spanish greetings crossword pg. Greetings & introductions for spanish 1

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