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Tech blog Archive | Kahoot!

12/03/2021 · Here at Kahoot, our tech stack is comprised of Java on the backend and Typescript on the frontend. These two languages are similar in… Learn more

What is Tech Stack and How to Pick Best One for Your Project

16/08/2018 · A Tech Stack is a set of tools developers use to make an application. It consists of software applications, frameworks, and programming languages that realize some aspects of the program. Structure-wise, the tech stack consists of two equal elements.

How we built the iOS 14 widget for Kahoot! | Kahoot!

Let’s get started! In Xcode, create a new project called Kahoot, then, click File → New → Target and select “Widget Extension”. Name it “KahootWidget” and open the KahootWidget.swift file in the KahootWidget folder to verify that it renders in the preview: Widgets

Choosing the Right Tech Stack For the Project –

16/01/2020 · In this article we will look into the tech stack itself, will go into the factors to consider when choosing a technology stack as well as ready tech stack solutions for projects. Briefly about . is a set of tools for implementing some intended IT idea. As a rule, a consists of programming languages, frameworks, libraries, various …

Technology Stack for Web Application Development – RubyGarage

A different tech stack is required to make your web application highly responsive and to reduce latency. Social networks are probably the best example of websites that require low latency. Criterion #2: Time to Market. Time to market (TTM) is extremely important when choosing a for startups and for small businesses.

Technology Stack – A Definitive Guide – Techfunnel

22/02/2021 · Final Thoughts. For any successful project choosing the right tech stack is much essential. Before proceeding with the selection of technologies, it is necessary to carefully analyze the and consider the type, requirements for the , your team’s experience, and resources, and such things as scalability, speed, and security.

What is a Tech Stack? (+Tips on How to Choose One)

17/05/2021 · Any tech stack you choose should satisfy both your vertical and horizontal scalability needs. Maintenance. Your work isn’t done after you release your app. Ongoing maintenance is an important part of any software Your will dictate how difficult or costly it’s going to be to perform app maintenance.

A Guide to Technology Stacks (Infographic) – WebFX Blog

A technology stack or tech stack for short refers to a set of technologies, software, and tools that are used in the development and deployment of sites, apps, and other digital products. For example, a classic is the LAMP . The LAMP is traditionally used for creating an environment for running PHP applications.

Technology Stack for Web Application Development – RubyGarage

Moreover, your projects aren’t the same: the tech stack you use for one project may be inappropriate for another. #4: Don’t Choose Based on Online Research Today, the internet is full of surveys, comparisons, and other information that helps you select a …

The Most Popular Tech Stacks for Development – Medium

16/06/2021 · So, tech stacks (also known as software stack or development stack) are like the flesh and bones of a website that chiefly manages the development and functionality of an application across all platforms. Facebook, Instagram, Netflix, Uber are some of the greatest application examples that have used the finest combination of globally.


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