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NURS 2700. Pathophysiology. 3 Hours. Prerequisite: BIOL 2651 and BIOL 2652. A study of cellular concepts, organ systems, and holistic aspects of health and disease.

NURS 2700 – Pathophysiology at Valdosta State University …


NURS 2700 at Valdosta State University (VSU) in Valdosta, Georgia. **Note: This is an online hybrid course.

Accelerated B.S.N. Admissions – Valdosta State University


Option 1: Apply to Valdosta State University Undergraduate Admissions Office ($40 application fee). Send official transcripts to the Undergraduate Admissions Office. Once you receive your acceptance letter, email the CONHS Advising Center ([email protected]) requesting a transcript evaluation. Please include your name and student identification number in the email.

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4 NURS 2700*: Pathophysiology 3 PERS 2300: Stimulating Creative Behavior 2 Total hours 15 Total hours 13 Milestones: Once HIST 2111 is completed, students will satisfy the US History and GA History requirments. The students will complete the 5 math/science courses required to …

University Core Curriculum Requirements for Nursing …


– NURS 2700: Pathophysiology……………………..3 Semester Hours BIOL 2651, BIOL 2652, and BIOL 2900 will not be accepted from Technical Colleges in Georgia. The only exception is Wiregrass Georgia Technical College. The above listed classes will be accepted from Wiregrass Georgia Technical College.

Bachelor of Science in Nursing < Valdosta State University


Core Curriculum, Areas A-E (See VSU Core Curriculum) 42: Nursing students must take the science requirements noted for Area D.2.b. Core Curriculum Area F: BIOL 2651: Human Anatomy and Physiology I: 4: BIOL 2652: Human Anatomy and Physiology II: 4: BIOL 2900: Microbiology in Health and Disease: 4: NURS 2700: Pathophysiology: 3: MATH 1401: Elementary Statistics: 3

College of Nursing and Health Sciences < Valdosta State ...


NURS 2700. Pathophysiology. 3 Hours. Prerequisite: BIOL 2651 and BIOL 2652. A study of cellular concepts, organ systems, and holistic aspects of health and disease.

Perspectives (PERS) < Valdosta State University


An examination of how various advances in the natural sciences, including genomics and biotechnology, are redefining traditional understandings of human nature. Emphasis will be placed on ethical challenges that these new understandings pose at local, regional, and global levels. PERS 2170H.

Dance (DANC) < Valdosta State University


Prerequisites: DANC 2700 and 3200 or permission of instructor. Introduction to use video with dance. Introduction to use video with dance. This course includes composing for the camera, recording dancers in action, and editing footage to create original work.

Physics (PHYS) < Valdosta State University


PHYS 2700. Modern Physics. 1 Hour. Prerequisite: PHYS 2212K. A preparatory course for the upper-division physics curriculum, emphasizing topics not covered in PHYS 2211K and PHYS 2212K but essential for the success in upper level courses. Topics include fluids, elementary thermodynamics, and wave phenomena.


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