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Capella University Minneapolis, MN. Request Info. Walden University Minneapolis, MN. Request Info. #393 in National Universities. #29 in Minnesota Colleges. Rankings *. #394 in National Universities. #30 in Minnesota Colleges.

Compare Rivalry – Capella vs. Walden


Capella Graduate School has more expensive graduate school tuition of $15,233 than Walden Graduate School ($12,539). Walden Graduate School is larger with 42,336 graduate students than Capella Graduate School (27,356 students). Capella Graduate School has more graduate programs of 180 programs than Walden Graduate School (107 programs).

Age old debate, walden or Capella? | DegreeInfo


24/02/2012 · When i talked with both schools counselors I must say Capella was much more put together and professional, when walden seemed more salesmanesque in terms of just trying to get me to apply today today today. Help me decide which is the best place for …

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16/08/2020 · Check out Capella’s FlexPath program. Walden has no comparison to it. There is a lot of writing papers & presentations though. It really depends heavily on what your goal is, your learning style, & your desired college experience. I’m in Capella’s Business – Accounting program right now. I chose it for the speed & the flexibility.

What are the ramifications of a Walden or Capella PhD in …


Answer (1 of 2): The fact that you phrase your question with “ramification” seems to suggest you anticipate negative outcomes. To be blunt, as you will see from other answers/comments, there remains a passionate stigma against distance delivered degrees. (Rather ironic in the era of remote learn…

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14/08/2006 · I did a quick Google search on these schools and found that: -Walden was founded in 1971 and has over 20,000 students. -Capella was founded in 1991 and back then called the Graduate School of America for eight years. The school changed names in 1999 to Capella. This school now has over 12,000-15,000 students enrolled.

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13/09/2008 · Capella is currently awarding the highest number of doctorates. For those interested in a academic career, a Walden, Capella or NCU doctorate would be most advantageous for someone who is currently employed as a full-time assistant professor and needs the doctorate for tenure & promotion to associate professor or someone seeking employment as:

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01/12/2010 · Walden has the CCNE in addition to the other accreditation as Capella. Any help is greatly appreciated! I wanted to start class in Jan. I was hoping to move more south in the winters and back up to the midwest over the summers. Thanks in advance! Staff Update. If interested in what others have to say about Capella University please take a look …

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13/04/2010 · Capella and Walden both require residencies in order to complete their doctoral degrees. Residencies are wonderful opportunities to meet one’s community. Also, one can spend several days immersing one’s self in one’s studies, away from the demands of family and work. Immeasurable, truly. Rich Douglas, Apr 13, 2010.

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16/10/2017 · Greenfire, to answer your question — Capella and Walden grads work in all of the places other grads do. With the exception, of course, of those which require APA programs and/or internships. But other than the VA system, there aren’t as many as you might think.


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