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Report an issue. Q. A hurricane forms over the Atlantic Ocean. When it hits land and comes ashore, its wind speed decrease significantly. This happens because the hurricane: answer choices. gains more water from the flooded land than the ocean. meets a land breeze. meets a stronger moving from land.

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Q. A weather report said that the weather will be colder today because the wind is blowing from the north. How could a person find out which way the wind was blowing if they did not hear the report? answer choices. look at a flag on a pole. wear a wind-proof jacket. use a thermometer. use a rain gauge. Tags:

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Question 36. SURVEY. 60 seconds. Report an issue. Q. A meteorologist used radar to analyze the wind during a storm in the central plains of the United States. The winds were measure at 145 miles per hour and were moving in a circular pattern.

Weather | Science Quiz – Quizizz

Q. The weather map shows a zone of possible flash flooding in front of a cold front. If the cold front continues to move toward the southeast, answer choices. the zone of possible flash flooding will move toward the northeast. the zone of possible flash flooding will enlarge to cover the entire United States.

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rain, snow, and air. frost, clouds, and blizzards. snow, sleet, and hail. Hail forms when warm rising air carries particles and clouds up past the freezing level, and layers of ice form on the particles. When the particles become too heavy, they fall as hail. Sleet forms when snow that has fallen from a cloud starts to melt, but then refreezes …

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SURVEY. 30 seconds. Q. Tropical climate zones are very wet and humid because ___________. answer choices. they have may types of plants. the temperature is very cold. the earth travels in a circle around the sun. sunbeams shine directly on them, causing more …

Weather | Science – Quizizz

Which of the following characterizes a foggy weather? answer choices. the sky is clear. is like a cloud, but it is near the ground and the air is cold. wind blows strongly. water falls from clouds.

the sky is clear

. alternatives.

is like a cloud, but …

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