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The writing slate was in use in Indian schools as mentioned in Alberuni’s Indica (Tarikh Al-Hind), written in the early 11th century:
They use black tablets for the children in the schools, and write upon them along the long side, not the broadside, writing with a white material from the left to the right.
The first classroom uses of large blackboards are difficult to date, but they were used for music …

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28/10/2012 · The chalkboard is widely believed to have been invented by a Scottish teacher James Pillans, in the nineteenth-century (About Blackboards, para. 7). Mr. Pillans “supposedly hung his students’ slates together on the wall, making a large ‘slate board’ to write up his geography lessons where the whole class could see them at once” (Wylie, 2012, pp. 259-260).

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During the 1960s, steel blackboards were invented. The green color also became prevalent as it was less stressful on the eyes. It was also around this time that the term chalkboards became very popular in the US. The history of the chalkboard has been marked by innovations and transformation. However its primary purpose of educating hasn’t changed.

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First whiteboards appeared on the market in 1960’s and were wet wiped. Then came dry marker and whiteboards started replacing blackboards because of allergies concerns and other potential health risks posed by chalk dust that was product of erasing blackboards. First whiteboards of enameled steel.

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15/10/2014 · While black was long the traditional color for blackboards, a green porcelain surface, first used around 1930, cut down on glare, and as this green surface became more common, the word chalkboard…

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Chalkboards really were black for a long time, until the 1960s. During the 18th century, students had their own mini-blackboards made out of slate or just painted wood. The oversized classroom didn’t come into play until 1800 after a Scottish headmaster, James Pillans, asked his students to draw a map.

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By the late 1990s, about 21% of American classrooms had converted from chalkboards to whiteboards. Types. The first whiteboards were very expensive and were made of an enameled steel. Cheaper versions then produced, including laminated chipboard, high-pressure laminates and steel boards with a matte-finished or glossy white, usually …

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13/10/2016 · Slate blackboard manufacturing began in the U.S. by the 1840s, and rail travel soon made it possible to ship blackboards across the country.

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14/05/2018 · The early chalkboards were simple pine boards painted black. In other cases, a combination of lime, plaster of Paris (a white powdery substance), and lampblack (fine black soot) was spread on the classroom wall. Raw Materials. Most modern are of porcelain enamel.

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Blackboard Chalk and Whiteboard Pen – History and Future. Blackboard chalk is a writing instrument used for writing and drawing primarily on blackboards but can be used on other surfaces too. chalk is in a shape of a stick that is 10mm thick and 80mm long, out of calcium sulfate in its dehydrate form – as gypsum, or calcium carbonate.


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